Straightforward Pencil Drawing Tips

Sharpening Drawing Pencils

When sharpening your pencils for drawing, then use a craft knife (carefully!) Instead of a pencil sharpener. You may find a longer point and you might shave it into a edge which provides you more choices for producing textures and different line widths. This functions for pencil crayons, watercolor pencils and pastel pens, etc. along with ordinary graphite pencils. More info

Conserving and Using Putty Erasers

Putty erasers are great for drawing, being considerably warmer and warmer on paper surfaces – particularly watercolor paper – compared to regular erasers. They are easily available from art supply shops. They’re a little pricier than ordinary’college’ erasers – but of course, just as.

The bigger size of putty eraser is generally approximately 2″ x 1.5″ therefore that I cut or tear a fresh one into four smaller pieces and use one at a time. Without dropping it in fact, I get and I’ve discovered through experience.

You’ll be able to use a putty eraser by rubbing it on the paper at the standard way or use a dabbing action to lift pencil marks. Its benefit is that you are able to mold it or chisel edge if you would like to eliminate a portion of a picture without affecting the area.

Fixing a soiled putty eraser is much simpler. Mold and pull the border, until there seems a area. You can achieve this for a long time before using every bit that is blank up.

Cleaning Pencil Erasers

Should you use any sort of pencil eraser like the plastic or the old school’india rubber’ kind, it’s simple to receive a filthy residue on your newspaper if you are not cautious and the devil to get off it, particularly when the eraser is coloured.

The two chief issues are that you pick up pen residue out of erasing previous things, which transfers to a newspaper next time you use it.

Instead, if you have used it for a little while, the rubberized surface oxidises and will badly smudge your own paper. To fix this issue in both situations rub on the eraser onto a smooth surface – worktop or a board is best.